TİME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALİVE” -The End- Written by: ipek seyhan

TİME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALİVE” Written By: ipek seyhan


Nazli mother, who has remained in our day, is still enduring such a long time in the pressure of her neighbors and other people. Everyone tells us where Hakan and the others are, that Hakan can be extremely crazy and that the neighborhood is in great danger. These and the heavy lung cancer that he’s been through are longevity through the life of his Nazli mother. The situation of the nasty mother is getting worse and the mother of Nazli still thinks about her son and her grandfather, is damned. The spoiled mother does not understand why Hakan left her and why she took her children with her and left her alone in Trabzon, and she is extremely worried about them. Everyone is coming so often to their Nazli mother that they can even blame him. The police are still concerned about Hakan’s mental health and want to find it and take it to the control as soon as possible. The whole neighborhood is quite complaining about this family. They are also very disturbed by Hakan’s recent actions and his disappearance of his mother. The condition of the nanny goes badly and eventually begins to live on intensive care devices. But there are no other relatives from his two neighbors who will look after him. Nazli mother gives her last breath and dies alone in Trabzon today. Nobody knows about this. Hakan is rescued by an amazon woman in the last minute. The Amazon woman succeeds in catching her in the air. He takes Hakan to a cave and gives him meat to eat. The Amazon woman is very warm and close to Hakan. Hakan, however, feels a little hesitant about her and has a great fear. The Amazon woman asks Hakan: “The handsome person seems to be a stranger here,” Hakan says, but Amazon does not answer the woman first, but then replies Hakan says to Amazon woman: “Yes, I am foreign.” Amazon woman, I was not surprised to hear this answer … The Amazon woman falls in love with Hakan, and time stops, then it is dark.