İNFİNİTE DREAMS -The End- Written by: ipek seyhan


İNFİNİTE DREAM Written By: ipek seyhan
Dream with Can, comes home. At home, Evin, Ali and some of Can’s friends and Dream’s friend Selin are also. When Selin sees the Dream, he suddenly gets bored and asks Selin the Dream a question that will amaze everybody. Selin: “Dream, you think you are pregnant.” Dream dreams that you can not hide this secret and say “yes” and everyone is shocked. Dream, there is a fear that nobody knows the truth of this secret, even if it tells it. Ali is very happy to be a father. Can, regrets that the dream is pregnant, the baby can not figure out whether his father is Ali or Ali. Can begin to think that they are living with the Dream and that the Dream is married to Ali. Can still do not even know why the dream immediately accepted the reason for marrying Ali. The emerald mother made the best meals for her son, in honor of her son’s healing. Emerald mother reflected the happiness to the taste of food. All the Erkök family and other loved ones congratulate the dream on the pregnancy and birth baby. The dream tells you that after a few months you will go to the ultrasound and learn the sex of the baby. Can: “I can take the dream with my car, and I also see the baby with ultrasound.” Evening meals are eaten and now it is time to leave home, the child hides the photo under the bed, and the dream hides under the collar clothes. He says he wants to be a father once more and wants to have at least four or five children Ali says he is very happy that he will become a father At night Ali sees the blue collar on the neck of the dream and is very angry and shouting at the dream: Where did you come from, I did not buy you a necklace, who gave this necklace “he screams. The dream tells me that Selin presents that necklace. But Ali does not believe it and he calls the dream: “You are a very bad liar, liar.” The dream starts to cry, Ali picks up the phone and tells him to call Selin at midnight. Ali picks up the phone with the nerve and throws it in the mirror in the bedroom quickly and the mirror shatters and the dream cries out and leaves the room and closes the door of the room quickly The dream begins to sit on the balcony and cry Ali, Dreams: “Everything is over now, Ali, tomorrow I will tell my mother and father that I will divorce as soon as possible, and I will tell my son to grow up alone.” Ali tells Rüya: “I will never divorce.” The dream calls to his mother, the dream tells his mother about the ones crying, the emerald mother tells Ali that he is very angry, but that they can make peace, that everything is not divorce. Zamrut said to the mother: “Mom, I could not imagine that Dream would be so upset, I would never do that, I see it more valuable than my own life, I love it more than anything.”

Months later…

The Dream gives birth to his son,
Dream’s family supports his decision to divorce Ali, Dream and Ali divorce, it turns out that Can is not Dream’s brother, and Dream and Can have a happy ending.


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