TİME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALİVE” Written by: ipek seyhan

TİME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALİVE” Written by: ipek seyhan
Nazli is the only person to the next. Purple fairy, Nazli was not in the room to go past Nazli was sent not to the past to the future. Nazli finds something in a moment of self-2700’l year from the date it was in the coy … But there is no information. Nazli, he finds himself in very strange dress, and a very strange place. Nazli can not believe his eyes when he looked out of the window, this is a space age. Spoiled, and very joyful always wanted to see this age, but where it is both the place and the date it is to know that in this time of dread. Nazli, people want to go down quickly, but it has no idea how to do. In an instant automatic room door opens and enters into a recent technological robots in gray. Robot spoiled: “The young lady, please breakfast,” he said. Nazli was puzzled what to do. Nazli, begins to cry. Nazli, sees something on the table, think that something like the same chocolate. Nazli, the difference is very hungry and he takes things into his mouth. But then, this time smaller and the latest technological smart mobile phone is not something else. Nazli, he fainted after eating it and fall to the ground. the family is waiting to go spoiled the breakfast to arrive and the school. Nazli, without knowing what it was lies unconscious on the ground. If Hakan still on that date. Hakan, the hungry, the stomach starts to wander like a hungry wolf with. Hakan examines remote native and a gazelle indigenous hunt, you see they are prepared to make a fire. Hakan will benefit from their thoughtfulness and taking the meat’s gazelle last quickly began to run away. Locals are moments that take Hakan meat taking. Hakan, when will feast of meat, it they are cornered. locals will think him a criminal and throw throwing it down from a high mountain. Hakan, quickly falls down, it continues to fall and is rescued at the last moment.



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