İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan

İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan

Can the dream they leave the hospital. Dream will offer Cana Rumeli re going to. Joe: “Do you think we can return to our remaining days old Still a dream,” he spoke with a sarcastic tongue. Can not walk well and lose a moment equilibrium can amount from falling dreams Can hand. Can Dream with head yes sign made and taxi they began to walk to ride. next to the house walked the erko family in the neighborhood, they saw a new person moved. Women, Cana look ahead carefully. Women, is the brother of Serdar friend from pre Can the police academy and Campbell, when a number of times to their house Serdar ‘s sister Can has fallen in love. the house, Can be neighbors, but there are things that do not know about Can Evin. the house, Can not recognize the sister and dreams with Life would think dear them saw hand in hand. the house is a dream with Jamie’s side to go and dreaming that it would like to discuss and that calls to the home of Jamie’s friends said it was his brother. dreams, without thinking they accepted the invitation to Evin. the house is for a dream lover chest with Campbell, bad for the dream it is planning to lay a trap. Can the dream, they will take a cab and go to Rumeli. Dream installment of Evin Evin tells how much he loves it and looks like a very nice girl. Joe: “I liked Evin brother Serdar too, but did not Serdar police and started to work and the way we were leaving,” he said.

Can the dream, they will come to the Rumeli Fortress. Dream, which was built as a gift of photo gift Cana installments. You can see pictures of very touched. Can the dream descend from the cab. Life goes next to the tree every time they went immediately from the child. Dream, literally wrapped around the tree like the old days happily and wrapped Cana. Joe: “I can not change current my happiness never to anything,” he said. Can you kiss the dream. Can you give the gift gets to dream. Dream is very happy and is wearing blue necklace almost neck. Can: “This necklace is a symbol of our love , never removing her dreams forever, “he said. Dream’s phone rings. His mother is the dream phone. Joe: “No, do not phone the dream,” he said. Dream: “No, us were very worried, I have to open the phone,” he said. Dream opens the phone. Emerald mother: “My son has been discharged, Life next point is a moment ago, here, we want to give him a hug,” he said. Paulina said they would go now. Can the dream, they took a taxi and they went home. Dream’s phone rings again in the taxi. Dream ‘ y the phone with the caller, Ali asks where to dream. Dream, Alia: “John was discharged, we’re going with it, we leave the hospital and go home, we evening meeting with you or our house you come to Alice,” he said. Ali: “I will come to your house, I would have seen the mother and Emerald Can I kiss the hands of a dream,” he said.


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