İ want Serenity and Happiness

 İ want Serenity and Happiness

I want happiness, hear the birds chirp and silence. I want calm, only to see the beauty and peacefulness. I want emotions, just loving feeling and serenity. I want good days, days where everyone smiles and joy. the sound of sea waves, tunes and music of the song. Nature’s beauty, nature of life and nature. The beauty of the sky, sky, clouds and weather. The sun, the rain and the seasons freshness. The colors of the flowers, the flowers and the flowers of life. Pets, meow cats and animals of our friends. Our dreams, our dreams and our lives that life. A beautiful day to wake up, to live every moment of the day and night. Set aside time to our family, to do something for our family and our family. To give importance to our business, to be successful in our business and work. to own the things we care about, take care and give value to things that are valuable. think about our future, to do good things for the future and our future. to feel positive energy, positive and be positive. Everything you believe to be good, to think that everything is fine and everything is good. I love you and I wish you happiness in life to all readers. Be happy to see you again…


24 thoughts on “ İ want Serenity and Happiness”

  1. “A Friend is a Reasure”

    A friend is someone we turn to,
    When our spirits need a lift,
    A friend is someone we treasure,
    For true friendship is a gift.

    A friend is someone we laugh with,
    Over little personal things,
    A friend is someone we’re serious with,
    In facing whatever life brings.

    A friend is someone who fills our lives,
    With beauty and joy and grace.
    And makes the world that we live in
    A better and happier place!

    So my friend, I wish you a nice weekend ..
    Love and hugs

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  2. So many beautiful words and images in this piece. The Earth is, indeed, a very beautiful place, and we all need to make the time to simply enjoy it. We also need time to be with and appreciate our family and friends.

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