TIME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALIVE” Written by: ipek seyhan


TIME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALIVE” Written by: ipek seyhan

Hakan, still began to feel hungry it is ancient and stomach. Hakan is a kind of do not know what to do. Amal has found himself in a castle when he opened his eyes. Amal, start looking around. Amal, scaly on, begin to study the elegant and fit for a princess outfit. Amal realizes something shines bright shining under the bed. Amal, bent to the ground and realizes that small of a time machine thing, Amal takes her hand, but fails to run plays and examines it somehow. Amal, when the door is put under the bed with the theft of the machine. Amal, the door will be stolen in a moment of panic, because he does not know where it is and what time is here. Amal, is not what it used to be, he speaks at the rate of language. Amal, he opens the door and across the street fringed with chubby lady wearing an outfit encounters. Amal is a little scared when he saw the woman does not know what to say. Plump ladies Amal: “The little princess, would you please come to the right breakfast, your entire family and the palace waiting for you,” he said. The mind of Amal is thoroughly mixed, Amal what time and does not know the kind where you are. Amal, because there is no other remedy fast and great fear and comes down. Amal sees and the mother in that then Emelin in France queen lisa wife, Amal saw an astonishing live and Amal to: “My little princess, you forgot to wear your clothes please wear your clothes just breakfast, breakfast you feel like it, “he said. The Amal, has hoped for a moment would realize that it was not his daughter … Amal, is already in a state of bored this time. Amal opens the closet and can not believe their eyes, so eye-catching dresses are so gorgeous that these ambitions will affect you for a moment. Amal, which it does not know if the breakfast can dress up clothes. Amal, choose a dress and wears passes in front of the mirror and starts to cry. Amal, deletes and tears down in fear.


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