İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan


İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan

Ali: “Why, why, the dream is not in love with me, why do I always think of the family and most brothers,” he asked himself. The morning was. Dream, early Alice sleep was out of the house to go to the hospital. Dream, was killed in a police entered through the hospital that speakers heard and quickly Can he ran into the room. happy to see that John’s life. police state which Martyrs well he discharged Can friend who Sonera. Dream, my mother and I have visited the father. Emerald mother “and soon father I will be released, I hope our son regains its health and will be discharged as soon as possible, it can also hold, “he said. Dream, his mother wrapped. Doctors today are out of the intensive care unit of the Soul and say that the situation get better. Dream, very glad to hear this news and immediately Cana decides to buy a present. Dream congenial when they years ago as a child and then taken Can all see and it really touched “our love and photographs of our brotherhood” photo he also put a colored frame. Dream no longer expects to be discharged healed Can to give this gift. Dream, Soner ‘expenses. to the funeral dream, weeps at the funeral, the police who were killed if he considers what would happen if Life. Dream’s almost heart is breaking.
Can recovering
Dream await the recovery Can excitement. Doctors say now when Can heal. Doctors could not continue for a few months but John’s mission, said a few months because they can not walk well. Dream, the phone immediately to tell the good news to his parents. Dream phone to his mother: “Mom, Can I recover only could not continue for a few months on the job said the doctor,” he said. Nevertheless Emerald mother was delighted when they hear and immediately tell the news Atilla. Dream, opens the door and John’s enters the room. her baby’s dream grew and belly began to be evident. baby’s dream has been four months, but Ali still it is not even aware of it. Can coldly and impassively saw the dream began to look at him. Can dream Ali with his marriage to look at the ring, and more are angry. Dream is trying to hide the ring with his hand. Can “dream, I wish you had not come left sleeve, baker Ali gentleman get mad at us now,” he said. Dream, what does it mean now Can you tell me what happened, “he spoke and began to cry. Life holds the hands of the dream and tried to comfort her. The doctors say it would be Jamie’s discharge.


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