Love’s touch


Love’s touch

Love the touch of love, is the most precious emotions we feel. Love is touch your heart … Love is perhaps the most powerful emotion we feel in our hearts. Love is innocent. Love is falling dreams. Love is to be like children. Love to laugh, cry, love is. Love is sometimes bliss, sometimes unhappiness … Love will make mistakes and forget us right from wrong, because there is no right or wrong in love. Love, perhaps it is to love a person forever, just maybe love. Love is encouraged. Love, sometimes suggestive of death. Love, happiness can be sentenced our hearts maybe, maybe we can break the heart. Love, beautify our world and change our world. Love is the key to our hearts in love … Love is forever fascination. Love is love and leave yourself to feel love. Love is sometimes fall in love with an unknown, sometimes love is to have what we feel and sometimes fall in love with beauty. Love may not play at our door we did not expect, you can take our minds we love myself. Love, true love than to lose in spite of everything and love you forever. Love is wrong to question, it is important to live in love and losing love …  I love you and I wish you happiness in life to all readers. Be happy to see you again…


26 thoughts on “Love’s touch”

  1. First of all-Loved your post! 🙂
    Second: I believe that Love is truly a positive feeling. I understand when you say that ”Sometimes, Love is unhappiness”- I’ve been there, though that! 😀 And, I guess that, as years passed, something became clear to me-Love is a bliss, but when you are in love and feel alone, that is when unhappiness kicks in. I believe that is isn’t Love that is Unhappiness, but the lack of it. 🙂
    Oh and I just LOVED when you wrote ” Love is forever fascination!” Brava! Applause! That is just a wonderful sentence!

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