Winter Magic


Winter Magic

Winter, sometimes we hear the thunder, torrential rain … is a winter, the season is white. Winter is the magic of the seasons and charming … winter, sometimes a blizzard, the snow is one of … Winter is the beauty of the season. Winter, born and where everything changes, a change … Winter is the season we hear the silent scream of nature and we try to hear our own silent scream … winter, everything is first and last. Winter, our brains and our hearts that challenge us, fight us everything … Winter is the season that is full of surprises. Winter is filled with silence and noise, every moment is experienced differently … winter, we seek peace, we imagine the comfort of … Winter is the season, is the season of dreams. Winter, feelings, inner happiness is the season … Winter is the season of eternity. Winter, new story and end of the story, the story of changing seasons … winter is the season when describing poems and narrative poems … Winter is the season of uniqueness. Winter, explaining he wanted to tell us the time and winter seasons … teaches us life, dreams and reality, is the season of all things in life … Winter is the season of the deep. I love you and I wish you happiness in life to all readers. Be happy to see you again…


23 thoughts on “Winter Magic”

  1. Your winter is themed in snow whereas here in Afrika my winter is accompanied by cold, dry winter.
    Actually, I have never seen snow yet. I have never travelled to any blanketed part of the world yet.

    All I know of snow is gleaned from movies. You would think it strange but this is one of those things that signify we are ensconced in different nooks and crannies of the universe and yet here we are reaching out to each other; distance tamed by technology.

    To me the term ‘white christmas’ (apparently derived from snow that drizzles during that season) is but a distant illusion.

    Your Winter Magic offering makes interesting reading.


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  2. I love the winter. I love the autumn as I can feel it’ll be winter soon; that feeling of change. I always sleep with utter contentment in the Winter >> Ah bliss. Mid winter now in China >> bliss bliss bliss and more bliss. Love your post as it has so many truths. You have a wonderful writing style.

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  3. This poem brought tears to my eyes. Winter is all of those things you say. Even in Los Angeles, where the sun shines all the time, I can experience the things you describe. Truly magic!


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