Live and death is like the four seasons …


Live and death is like the four seasons …

Living with the smallest expression; breathing, death; to breathe … to live is to explore the world, is trying to recognize the beauty and ugliness of life. Death is an unknown and leave behind all they know. Living sometimes go sometimes and sometimes come to start again. Death can move us to say goodbye to our happy or unhappy can separate us from the world … Life, we are to love, will experience feelings of hatred and death can separate us what we liked, but there are also differences in life. Death may be a stranger to us the smell of loved ones, loved ones may not be a stranger to us that we can love and eternal separation punished. Death, summer heat, winter cold, spring and autumn air, the sadness does not give any importance. Life, smile, cry and to feel emotions … Death is a journey and a farewell to eternity. To live is to live in exchange for something different and each has at any moment. Death, fear, and to shake. Live, are born and grow. Death, for us it was great that we were alone in the world and the evidence. Live, proves to us that the world is small and we are not alone. Death, perhaps in a more open and inability to close the door. To live is to open the door … Death is not the second one and unique. Live, perhaps in the death of us will live … live and death many times, but the opposite is true … I love you and I wish you happiness in life to all readers. Be happy to see you again…

29 thoughts on “Live and death is like the four seasons …”

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog. I love this article “Life and Death is like the four seasons. I wrote something similar years ago and posted it on my blog “The sweet promise” & “Back to the Light.” I would love to hear from you. Hope is a powerful lesson to learn..Nature is the perfect teacher.

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