İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan


İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan

Emerald mother: “Atilla Can Can Can, my son,” he cried to get out of there and give phone Attila. Attila, move the right scent at the time, which heard revenue still can not sustain. They remove Atilla hospital and learn that paralysis of his right arm. Dream , which heard the baby attempts to self-calm because he was afraid that something, because the baby has been steadily growing and now two months old. Dreams come to the hospital, the door opens and, sobbing and hugs his weeping father. Atilla father: “My daughter, now right in my hand and my right arm I can not move, but you should know this is not your principal, John “he says. Dream: “Can Can was what my father ?, my sister what happened, tell me what happens,” he said. Emerald mother: “Can the profession began his clash with police vehicle truck today going to the police station’s gonna stockade fell right toward the cliff, but stuck vehicle on the rocks and was rolling, the officers other than He was good, but Can sitting in the front seat, stuck in the car and they saved my son is very difficult, “he cried and fainted. Just a dream, his mother worked in resuscitation. Dream, Can he was very curious, Ali suddenly entered into. Ali: “Dream, you stand at the beginning of the mother and father, I look at Cana already the situation is very severe,” he said. Dream: “Can what happened, is not going to die?” He started yelling, throwing place himself where and what to do with a He does not know any. a dream, suddenly angrily Ali: “Ali, I stop at the beginning of my brother, you can not interfere me,” he said. Alice: “What do you mean it now, I’m told he’s dealing with parents, how his brother enthusiast, that does not concern me, then you deal with it?” He said. Dream: “OK” and that quickly slam Can gone with him. Can intensive care were in a critical case. Doctors have told just might be the two as life expectancy percent. Dream, leaning against the glass, intensive care, such as the Cana touches upset and crying. He comes days lived by listening to Can. Together Rumeli Fortress of the trees they are committed to that, and eternity to not eject never mind, ear he mutters still songs he muttered. dream of tired so cry, now he must go compulsorily home. dream home gone inside once you have thought the house was very dirty and have cleaned the house, the food was made and came up. Ali, even when it comes to food eaten and out to up the room. Dream, turned its back as it fits as if seeing Ali. Ali: “I need a staff to deal with customers in the oven, e You know, we’re just trying to be a family in the oven, I wonder if you show an interest with clients, you will receive fees? ” he said. Dream: “At the moment I’m both very tired, I’m both very unhappy, please let me sleep a little sleep leave me alone, if you sleep sleep would be good Ali,” he said, and pulled back the back on the quilt. Ali is very corrupt and somehow that this state expect these It did not give a sense of the situation.


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