4th October World Animal Day

Animals are our best friends. Animals just want love … animals, we have become our unconditional love and best friends. They are happy with us, friends and they become a member of the family to us and will be with us … you will feel the love when you love an animal, take your lap, you feel the happiness and friendship … pets, we love to teach. We can be happy with any of the animal’s well-being, with a bird’s song, the barking of a dog, we can be happy even though we like to hear cat’s meow or to watch and bouncing a rabbit … we love as our animal child may love him always and protect … Perhaps our only friends in our lives can be animals. We can love and protect homeless animals … they can always feel the love in our hearts, and we can feel the love in the hearts of animals …  The worst thing done to the animals is stop loving them…  The animals which are separated  from the nature becomes unhappy so you must not separate them from the nature. We must love and protect them in the nature and stop the people which makes them unhappy.  I love you and I wish you happiness in life to all readers. Be happy to see you again…



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