Fall and…


Fall and …

To our mind when we think of autumn; A warm weather, rain, clouds, tears, sadness and revenue fallen leaves … Maybe it’s like to lose something we love fall, like maybe in the fall of separation or like a melancholy season of autumn, perhaps in … Autumn, summer warm wind and winter after the hot is like waiting for a storm … the yellow leaves of autumn, trees and they poured their oil warm rains in the fall and begin to change everything in the fall … fall, we expect the winter, spring is the season we said goodbye to miss last summer and … Fall, despite everything, is a beautiful season and gives beauty … Autumn is different, it is special and gives new beginnings … the fall of the poets, photographers and writers receive inspiration … Autumn is the subject of poetry and books … Autumn finest a souvenir photo with sights … is in the fall, we are sometimes melancholy, sometimes peaceful and sometimes brings good things … You can watch the rain fall in front of the window, you can read books and you can cry …  I love you and I wish you happiness in life to all readers. Be happy to see you again…


12 thoughts on “Fall and…”

  1. Well, I’m more of a Winter guy myself (I really like walking in the night as I feel the cold seems to enhance one’s senses).

    Having said that, there’S something about Fall when the leaves start to change colours as if one last burst before the darkness sets…

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  2. Nice post – my favourite. I love the autumn as well. I’m from the UK and love getting out there in the rain with my waterproofs on and spending as much time out in the countryside. It certainly has a deep emotional effect. Thanks for following and also follow on Twitter at @AndySmart01 where I will tweet you up on a regular basis 🙂 Nice one!

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