TİME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALİVE” Written by: ipek seyhan


TIME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALIVE” Written by: ipek seyhan

Hakan, Amal, and Taner Yigit, who spoiled upstairs together and begin a journey in time with great long journey. Family, will find themselves at a great middle of the desert. The desert is desert, is dry and arid. Amal, it sits in the desert and take the sand to hand throws. Amal, his father: “Dad brought us to where” he shouted. Nazli, “I’m scared,” he Amal is wrapped. The valiant, comfortable and examines the desert, the Grain “Amazing,” he shouted. Hakan, the desert looks and “Mom, where’s my mom?” he shouted. Wayward mother has come to this house because it is not time travel and remained in Trabzon alone. Fast forward a few minutes and something arises in the future. The thing is, arrogant and playful, is an old, fat fairy. Fairy in purple, is closer to family. Fairy, begin to talk with the family and told them: “Hello people,” he called out. Yigit, fairy: “Oh, did we see a mirage,” he shouted. Fairy Yigit: “No, I’m a fairy ha ha ha,” he said. Taner: “Is it a purple fairy in the middle of the desert, where are we or are we in space, I wish my side if a camera or camera,” he said. Yigit, fairy: “Excuse me, what’s your name?” He asks. Fairy, Yigit: “I do not have a name, so I just fairy friend,” he said. Hakan, was about to ask a fairy, fairy Yigit: “If you can call me purple fairy, because of my color purple ha ha ha,” he said. Purple fairy, suddenly becomes serious and starts to explain what happens to the family. Purple fairy, Trabzon family: “Now it on a new life began, but spoiled his mother out of this life, her only real time you can achieve if you could come today, and until then he dies, with my hands in my time machine now, you’ll go all the time, and only at a different time if you want your heart You go, game time will be disrupted by dissolution, “he said.