Today I have reached 1000 followers on my WordPress blog, I love all of you and WordPress. 21 April 2015 to WordPress and WordPress as part of my family from the day I said Hi to you till I see that I wrote my stories and fiction to tell my own story of my own life, I can tell you how much I love the story of my life, but I wanted to tell you before, but I couldn’t tell I have a story of my own life difficult. Maybe one day I can tell you my whole life story, I love to share something with you. I’m trying to follow you my other accounts, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and blogger from your friend follow you and I like to be. I do Thank you for following my blog I love to follow you and in me. Thanks 1000 Followers. I love you and I wish you happiness in life to all readers. Be happy to see you again …


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