İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan


İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan

Erko family decided to have dinner together, because their son became a police officer at last. Dream, eat sitting in front of Can Can for a better view while eating. Ali, angry and Can Dream sits against pushing the dream. Dream, Can: “Joe, you’re so happy for the police Even so glad I did my own marriage,” he said. Life: “But I, I’m so glad your marriage,” he said. Dream: “Because Alice is not the car, we’ll use occasionally your car, Alice he wanted to take me to the furnace in the car, but I prefer to go with you,” he said. Can: “Of course, look at dream comfortable,” he said. Ali, this is reportedly very angry and dream of: “Now get up, wife,” he removes the dream of the table. Can: “I’ll take you up to your house,” he says. Ali: “Don’t you want, we come and go by bus,” he said. The evening will. Can can not be dropped from his hand a picture of the dream, at the earliest opportunity is eager to see it. Can not forget the time spent with the Dream. From Dream of the window her smile and dream of say that and not forget the songs he; “my dream, my window, dreams come true in my house,” he has to but out he wrote the song, never mind wandering in the wilderness with a dream, it collects can not ever forget the smell of chamomile, the Rumeli Fortress they met every weekend to dream that can not never forget the magnificent tree, The tree looked years ago weeps look at the photos taken.
It would be in the morning. Dreams are faced with every time you turn your eyes to see, and now Ali is the truth. Dream, he decides to write daily, even the greatest mysteries of dreams will write in his blog. Marriage, baby and only great love that book, he will write to the green book. He can ride the first time that the police car ride home and sit on the front seat of the car to go to the police station. Can friends and meet other cops. He loves them. Life is the first professional day today. Can also found in the vehicle, it approached rapidly towards the viaduct. Suddenly a big truck to remove. Trucks collide with the police vehicle. Police car, and in rapidly towards the viaduct crosses a deep ravine. Car stuck in the rocks, can not fly down from the cliff. The car is about to die, but they still stuck to the screams from the rocks they throw assistance. They took the ambulance finally arrived at the scene and the police come. Can be removed from the place is jammed full four hours but successful. Can the situation is most severe among them. The situation is better than other cops. Suddenly the phone rings Emerald mother and John’s mother tells commissioner of emeralds. Emerald mother, first in confusion not knowing what to do, then “Atilla” he shouted. Atilla, quickly ran to the side of the Emerald and Emerald come: “What is happening ?, Why are you shouting like Emerald” he asks.


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