Today is Father’s Day

Father’s Day is one of the most precious days of the year. Fathers, with compassion, truly become the hero of the world for their children when they are brave and protective enough to do everything for their children with love and heroism. I can not possibly tell you much about my father, but I want to talk about the father’s love and wonderful father on fathers day. Years ago my grandfather, when his wife and his mother lost her saying a very special word, grandfather to my mother: “My wife and mother in law, almost stage hand in hand appeared and hand in hand with scene index” to have a say, because a few months after the death of my grandfather in-law lost their spouse my grandfather and my mum was almost alone in their house. But my grandfather was so precious and give so emotional support give his all love and care to his daughter, of course it was not so easy to erase all those years they had shared together in the house. But they knew that, one day they will meet with them in the heaven. So they give courage to  them selfs and they said:“Promised them selfes that the life was going on so, we must be; brave to face up with our surrowes. And look up for the future. My mom adores her passed father and also her mom aswell. Fatherhood is to be spectacular for their children, but if it is to be spectacular to give value to the children, to love their children and to be brave for the children … All of our glorious father fathers happy day. You have I love life and I wish happiness to all my readers. Be happy to meet again …


10 thoughts on “TODAY İS FATHER’S DAY”

  1. Amazing post, the fathers day after my dad passed, I remember putting on FB what is a father, a father is someone who says what needs to be said, but then has your back when you need him

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  2. This is lovely. I think there is a special relationship between fathers and daughters and my father is indeed my hero. He’s been a rock for me my whole life and has always been there to catch me when I fall. Both my parents are rock stars in my eyes and I tell them so every chance I get. By the way, thanks for reading pretty much all my recent posts. I hope you enjoyed them.

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