TİME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALİVE” Written by: ipek seyhan


TIME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALIVE” Written by: ipek seyhan

Hakan, could not understand what was happening from the police Hakan’s home and raided the room and confiscated some special tools that Hakan have. Police asked Hakan:“What are you trying to do in your house?”. Hakan send that :“İ’m a scientist and İ’m trying to make a machine that could take a person to the future and the past aswell. Police wanted a medical report that, if Hakan’s mind was or  alright or not . Hakan is in a very big shock. Hakan’s child learned his secret too. His mother Nazli’s health condition is getting worse everyday.Hakan is making the time machine while waiting for the health report. Hakan’s friend journalist Taner and his son was helping him while making the time machine. Emel and Nazli, don’t trust their father and they believe that his mential health is not allright.  When the machine is also still working that though Hakan strives too much to run it. The eye of the neighborhood and ears are always on top of Hakan’s house . In every step to follow Hakan Hakan for “what the poor man, was crazy”, they say. Hakan is faceing up every trouble, misery and death for the sake of his death wife and for the sake of his sick mother. Hakan is missing his passed wife very much and how much he wants to kiss her so much , because she was so precious for him. Hakan bringing this incident that day, and her mother lived in a sense is spoiled mother’s cancer. Hakan, is still crying and devastated almost Nalan to think of the sadness. Hakan, Nalan’s a victim and perpetrator of the murders to go to the heart of sadness he felt dead and bloodied arm still feels as though at that moment. But now a light on the future of Hakan albeit small, there is a hope and I hope to be able to regain the Nalan. Yigit also comes with Emel is a little room upstairs, which at one time before and would hear the noise. The upstairs has remained coy. Nazli is the mother house of the neighbors. In an instant, a sudden noise and light and it will also begin the journey.


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