İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan


İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan

Dream and Ali set off to their new house although it was very difficult for Can he congratulate Ali and hit him on the neck and said  “Take care of her,” he whispered. Dream, hesitated, though at a time and swallowing it assigns the right step sighs and back. Withdrawn. Ali dreams room to go. Put  on all the lights of their home. They also put the sighne “We are married and happy” to their car plate. After drawing to their room Dream remembered that she stored Can’s note store between the chest and she became feared and her fear became true because Ali has seen the note while opening her wedding dresses. He ask Dreams:“What it was in your hand?” She said: “İt’s my diploma, İ’m storing in my chest. Dream is to be or not to be with Ali. It will be the morning, the phone rings and the groom the police academy with emerald mother calls her daughter’s graduation ceremony. Ali: “tell a lie, let’s not go to the ceremony,” he shouted from the room. Dream “No,” and her mother “we are coming now, Mommy,” he said. Dream, Ali: “Ali, yesterday’s car is not yours, so we are now with the bus We’ll go as soon as possible would be a good car Alsen, I can not ride a bus to other jobs, Can I use the car, “he said. Alice: “I do not have my license, I take the car for her, you can take the car we you dad oven,” he said. Ali dreams, the bus they and the police go to the academy graduation ceremony. 
Can, has now finished school, police have been. The ceremony dream comes lose a moment whether the balance, just quickly divided over his friends and ran over the dream. Alice overlooks worst of the worst sides of Can. Can: “Dream, I’m getting no more dreams, I’m the police,” he said. Dream: “I had to police a day’s biggest dream was adorned police posters on each side of the bed, toys, even the police was a car,” he speaks, laughing. Alice: “In my dream, her husband’s dream might was, it took place yesterday,” he said. Can rushes to his head forward and quickly if your friends. It is now in a great pleasure to be realized biggest dream in itself. Attila: “I am today, my daughter got married yesterday and I want to say how proud I am today with my son the police,” he says, there other police families. If the emerald lady: “Training how important safety is so important, my son is now going to fight for all our safety is a soldier,” he said. Campbell, with great joy friends: “Take me to this day, my family and dreams brought,” he said. Jamie’s friends are surprised Can, Can, made ​​a blunder actually. Jamie’s best friend Abraham: “John, why do parents separate, you say dream as separate from him in a dream is not one of your family?” He says. Can: “He’s my brother, I say apart because all I’ve got,” said state corrects. 


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