Yesterday İ want to İzmir Sasalı Wildlife Park with my mom, and we had a wonderful day closed with nature and lovely wild animals friends.

The Sasalı Wildlife Park is so nice that, once you go there you don’t want to go back to your normal life. Because it’s so peaceful, listening to birds singing of all kind of songs in their harmony.

Smelling to nature alkind of lovely flowers, watching swans slinding trough the lake.
İt’s of course our not first time to Sasalı, we came to Sasalı four years ago when we came to Sasalı, a new bourn baby elephant named “İzmir” arrived, she was so quite and lovely, she was always chasing his mom, and was so naughty! This year we went to Sasalı, there was another member of the elephant family a girl elephant his name was “Deniz”. She was so nice and charming.

They are all part of the nature, we love all the animals they are our friends, and we must not harm them and becareful and look after them well. Because they are a part of the nature!

There’s also a Tropic Center in Sasalı where tropical nature plants and animals live there. There are all kinds of birds, snakes, bats, alligators, fishes, monkeys and turtles.

İ hope you will enjoy my videos which i have taken in Sasalı and İ share my photos with you, our dear friends. Hope to see you again.İ love you and I wish you happiness in life to all readers. Be happy to see you again …

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