TIME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALIVE” Written by: ipek seyhan


TIME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALIVE” Written by: ipek seyhan

The patient enters in, however Doctor Hakan is so tired that he can’t stand up properley. The patient is a man in his fifties. Then the patient tells Hakan shortly about his self. Hakan, can not believe what he heard. Hakan becomes curious about the story he heard from his patient because it was entirely like his story. Both of their story is was similar that “their wife was murdered and also their mom’s were struggleing with cancer”. After hearing his story Hakan get mad and begin yelling. Hakan: “Enough is enough,” he shouted, and everything on the table is assigned to the place with a time manually. The patient leaves the room with fear. Hakan, now will say goodbye to the psychologist. Hakan’s murdered wife Nalan was a psychologist like him. Hakan, is very sad at the moment, because he resigned from his job. Hakan, comes home with tears in his eyes then after while he told what hapened that day to his children. Hakan is strapped tightly to his mother. Hakan, cryed all night and begin to make a plan. Hakan, himself prepared to commit itself to alternative medicine. Patients will be better consider making special potions. Hakan opens the ignorant old place bunker door under a half of all of the night. It cleans itself and it hoppers sees remember the good old days. Nalan, when he was alive he always remembers those days they or take coal from the bunker. Hakan, bunker old download a table and dozens of special books. Hakan’s to make a science center is there for all requests and to be a source of healing for patients. As days go by, the kids have a place he spent the entire day Hakan have begun to quite curious. Hakan, is there almost any time of the day. Hakan affects very spoiled this particular case, and confidence in the Nazli’s father is decreasing day by day. Spoiled tells the status of friends and in this case the police and locals will begin quite suggestive. Hakan, finds a new science with old books they read. İf Hakan can make the time go back to two years ago, he could then save his wife and his mother will do everything to make her live more longer.


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