İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan


İNFİNİTE DREAMS by: ipek seyhan “each other so close, and so they were away, But?” 

family dreams, İstanbul is a family living on the middle class. Dream’s father Atilla, the mother is the emerald lady. Atilla guys are craftsmen and “erko” grocery store operates. The Emerald lady is a retired science teacher. Can Dream brother is about to graduate from the police academy. Dream, perhaps, is facing the most difficult days of his life, his father never can say no because of errors in the same neighborhood and even though she did not like Ali who is forced to marry bakery shop next to his father. There is a secret dream is one month pregnant. Dream is in a great sadness.Yesterday henna done, must be married with Ali today. Dream, a young and beautiful girl like a dream. Climb up and down stairs, wearing a white dress. Ali is very happy to be married, like a propeller rotating in pursuit of a dream for many years, Ali, is very happy to see that you got it, but it has started to be gradually decreased with love. Ali dream, they sit on the wedding table, Can quickly to renounce the marriage’s dream run with enthusiasm and want to show the love poems written by him. Dream: “Selin got an urgent call, I will one upstairs now,” he comes out. Can the letter given without making anyone noticed begins to read, “Dream, you’re as fresh as a spring, when the trees I see a leaf your freshness like so I think I found the flower unique smell, violets are almost you’re in my without the loneliness, all blooming roses, our tradition almost to me, if this what we have is just a dream and it will be with me only my dreams when I wake up forever, “he wrote Campbell brothers of and heart burning with love like fire for almost a dream. Dream is affected by the letter as standby, since almost like a fire in your eyes the dream, tears are discharged almost affluent as a waterfall sobs, smells a letter that screams Can write and print cherished. However, at a time and put his hand belly birth to tiny baby comes to mind. It is necessary to fight for the baby to her, just as many years of fighting for love.Dream, pick himself up and clinging tightly to the ladder, putting himself between the letters in the chest and down quite forcibly. Can you see anyone the tears could not keep the sadness she, hidden behind the wall and weeps., Heart, roasted, without burning … a dream, finally sits back on the wedding table and assigns a signature from his hands trembling. Can no longer think that everything is over, but for tomorrow Life will begin a new life. After graduating from the police academy, which will have the noble profession Can now. Can life be just wants to hold on to the police.


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