Sometimes love’s makes a man; “mad, bad and lifeless!”.


Sometimes love’s makes a man; “mad, bad and lifeless!”.

Love is a touch is to wait, to feel, and “do not have to be or not to be”. Love is the most powerful emotion we can feel in our hearts. Love is the only remedy for despair and love. Love is the most innocent sense, but sometimes comes to us as the most difficult and impossiblety. Sometimes we want to forget our love, but love to remind us; “Every moment of every moment of your life with you and you forget all about the moment in which something with you?”. Sometimes love is encountered in the moment and so we never wanted and take us all over the world. Love comes sometimes immeditley or sometimes when we are not prepared to love the right person. Love is captivated our hearts, self-will condemn us and unscrupulous. Love, we may have the most beautiful our joy and smiles, but can also be the biggest miseries and our ending our tears. Love, perhaps someone who does not deserve us at make us love and our hearts will never disobedient. But love, our feelings most valuable and how much sin, how bad and how no matter how impossible never are our precious one feeling live up should not give up our lives. People only find love and happiness as well as unhappiness. Sometimes love can makes a man mad, bad and lifeless. Love, I think it is an impossibility for me because it is an impossibility that my one and dream true love true or … I’ve written dozens of stories and my love story on every story is a real issue. You will great I introduced earlier by my other blog readers, sin and impossible love story soon I’ll share it with you in this blog, an innocent girl in my story, I will try to explain it “impossible love lived with a men, she knew as her own brother”. Love is beautiful, but the most beautiful is for me is an impossible love!. I love you and I wish you happiness in life. Be happy to meet again.


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