About “Life”


About “life”

Life, living and the world? They are all a question mark. While İ’m thinking the past, My eyes filles with tears. İn my heart endless missings freshness and my feelings makes me depressed again. Again and again comes to my mind suddenly ending thoughts that, at any moment, but I still say to myself, “Life,” “Life,” he and I miss my past. Sometimes I wake up and I see that it’s completely dark everywhere, sometimes I wake up I see a little light at almost the end of the dark tunnel. I would say to myself; work in real life, a real-world moment there perhaps another moment unhappy for a moment you’re very happy. Life is like a game and we are always to be the winner in this game, we ask that, but sometimes us a clue to understand the rules of the game to lose the game. If we swear that we will agree on rules and perhaps even lose again and again that lost, because they are to lose as to win the game at the same time. Maybe we have only one hope in life, us are standing up holding that a word against the difficulty actually “Everything will be fine” is the word. Us is the most tiring words we say because of remorse, “I wish” word, and we are most suggestive of the word “maybe” word. But every Despite what “Life is beautiful” and that the then we will be a small smile and will make us forget our sorrows partly. I hope life brings all of you and me happiness “Life is beautiful” the thought and felt. I love you and I wish all my readers happiness in life. Be happy to meet again.


7 thoughts on “About “Life””

  1. Beautifullly said! I feel like our brain isn’t capable of figuring out the true puzzle of what life is suppose to be. That’s why I find this all so inspiring.

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  2. Life is beautiful and precious. How right you are.
    The “maybe” and “I wish” detracts from the joy of Now.
    It is not always on the highways we find treasures.

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