From my childhood April 23


From my childhood April 23

That was years ago, I hardly even remember. Days of the date was April 23, but it is strange that day was very cloudy and raing .İn my hometown April 23 is a childrens day which Atatürk has given to children. it’s a public holiday in Turkey , because that day is celebrated as National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. That day many years ago today I was a child and I do not remember exactly how old I was even.That day my mom and me went to the April 23 children’s day event, I was very excited because I was a child, and that day I also feast now, when I still saw the enthusiasm of “I wish I was a child,” but I’m sorry that because now I’m an adult now. When April 23 comes all children a round the world from other countries comes and joys the children’s day with the Turkish childrens happyley. That day clever men shut up and children speaks. İn april 23 days also is a day that kids and adult harmony together.That day children received the greatest gift and happiness.Though İ’m an adult İ like feeling as a child.I wish you can feel like a child sometimes in a day and be happy. I love you and I wish all my readers happy life. Be happy to meet again.


9 thoughts on “From my childhood April 23”

  1. Hello Ipek and thank you for following I just love your photo and the wonder and beauty in children always bring delight. It is no accident that even as an adult you like feeling like a child and you speak of love. Christ instructs us that we must become like children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We must humble ourselves as children of God. Blessings to you and may God touch all that you do in your writing. ~ Amen :Y

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    1. Thank you so much for your good hopes to me, İ wish God will bless you too. There was a saying which my grand mother user to say to mum:“Action speaks laughter than words”. İ completely a gree with this word. Me and my mum are muslims but we believe that: “God will help everyone who believes in God. From the heart”. My aunt was a christian catholic and she was an excilent person. She was very good in heart she used to help poor people and used to go to church to pray to God. Almost, nearly all my loved ones said fair well to the this world. But we pray for them that they will be in a good place in heaven! God Bless You Vesselsministry

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