TİME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALİVE” Written by: ipek seyhan

wpid-ımg_20150424_223612.jpg.jpegTIME “WRONG WRONG PEOPLE ALIVE” “Sometimes you have only one choice, that ‘reserved Time” Written by: ipek seyhan


Hakan Trabzon and their families, Trabzon continue their lives. Hakan gentlemen, for years has been working as a professional psychologist. However, the years have been instrumental to the injury of the family and the family used to be that warm slowly disperse. An elderly mother spoiled named Hakan gentlemen, Nalan yet named a former wife two years ago Have the victim of a homicide. But now her mother is still just a small girl in the age of seven named Nazli, a son and named in Yigit named Amal eighteen years of age also have a twenty-three year old girl. Hakan gentlemen, despite all the tragedies, is still standing, and just trying to fight for their children. However, Hakan guys think there is an issue a lot lately, mother Nazli of his illness, doctors are still waiting for a diagnosis. Hakan Bey next person who most recently was Taner undoubtedly journalist. Taner track of Nalan’s killer is still continuing, but there is no clear evidence. Family Hakan guys, they wake up to a sunny and pleasant day. Amal prepare meals without going to school, the children of the deceased mother Nalan, are speaking children with the local language because it is Istanbul, but Hakan guys, a little bit of the Black Sea to that of Trabzon, speaks with an accent. Dinnerware year ago Murat also sits as a great love Amal engaged. However, Murat still come home alone, as always. Hakan guys sitting at the table and the Black Sea on the table aksanıyal: “You have Hey good morning, the offspring,” he says. Emel, they wrapped their spunky and spoiled father and they kiss. Hakan gentlemen, after breakfast gets up from the table and said: “Today again I have more patients, children’s me more distraction “he says. Hakan gentlemen, as usual, gets in her car and headed to listen to listen to songs. Hakan gentleman enters the island and began to wait for the usual patient. A few minutes later comes a phone that Hakan Bey and his mother spoiled lung cancer and say that life is very little left. Hakan gentlemen, is a very difficult situation and is even a moment what to do, it is almost darkened world.


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